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We all know about the many foods that are bad for our teeth, but you may not be aware that there are actually several foods that keep your teeth healthy like banana.Eating foods that are high in sugar or carbohydrates can produce nasty bacteria that feed on the bits of food that are left behind. As these bacteria feed, they produce an acid that causes your teeth to decay. Bananas are high in magnesium, which is also needed to help the enamel of the teeth form properly.They do not have the abrasiveness that other natural whiteners have and best of all they are inexpensive.The amazing minerals in the peel like potassium, magnesium and manganese absorb into your teeth and whiten them. banana peel is very safe and healthy for teeth as banana peels are a wonderful source of minerals and are some useful banana tips for teeth whitening.....
Taking proper skin care of your skin is essential especially if you wish to have flawless skin. Maintaining the skin healthy and clean is very important if you wish for your skin to look as youthful for many years to come.Caring for your skin on a daily basis can seem such a difficult thing do do, especially since people are getting busier and busier, but it is actually an easy thing to do once you make of it a routine.Here are the steps which you need to take so your skin will look gorgeous and radiant for as long as possible....

Medium short hairstyles 2013 would be very popular because women can make perfect haircuts in just few minutes. Sometimes time is precious and this perfect fit, especially for business women.Trendy bob haircuts are basically asymmetric cuts, which generally take shorter hair in the back than the front. In fact, its a complete reverse of Classic bob haircut or the length bob, which gives the genre the inverted bob name. It is easy to maintain, and it certainly is one of the sexy haircut style for most women, regardless of age.The main advantage of the inverted haircut bob, is the fact that women are free to experiment with a wide range of styles and find the one that suits the best to their face Every woman wants to style her hair with own choice, but sometimes they don’t decide; main role has their face shapes.Medium short hairstyles 2013 perfect fit for almost all face shapes, and it looks very elegant....With these hairstyles, you will look an elegant and young. More important thing is that you don’t have to spend a whole day in front of your mirror; it’s very easy to maintain. You have various combinations of medium short hair color ideas 2013, and you must pick perfect for you. The most popular will be bob cut, elegant blunt cut and wild pixie haircut. If you add layers and bang, you’ll get a perfect look.When looking for a new style for the New Year, going with a medium length cut is the best choice for achieving the most coveted looks in both the short and long style arsenals.
Enter in 2013 with a fab new hairstyle!
Summer time is great. Your skin feels young and alive. But as winter approaches your skin begins to dry and you feel uncomfortably and itchy.In every season the type of precautions and care change. While in summer, you need that non greasy and sweat free look now in winter your skin demands differently so to protect the skin from cold and dry air moisturize your dry skin generously.Replace your water based products with creams.Winter Season is the season which requires care a lot...... so guys, there are some skincare tips i want to share with all of you, i hope you will find it effective for your winter skin care...
Avocados are a natural way to nurture and replenish your body without any chemicals. The oil from avocados has long been used in many beauty products such as cleansing creams, hair conditioners, facial masks, bath oils and massage lotions. This is due to the fact that avocados are rich with essential nutrients that soothe and moisturize your skin.Avocados are rich with vitamin A which helps to remove dead skin cells from your body.The avocado is a hydration miracle and great for sensitive skin.  The Avocado is a super fruit wonder  that works like a natural exfoliant.  It is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-carotene and Vitamin C for firmer, more elastic and younger-looking skin.  Most of the facial treatments below contain these ingredients.Avocados contain vitamins, specifically vitamins A and C, that can help slow the signs of aging.As avocado face mask gives various benefits ranging from varied mediums, it offers natural skin care and assists in correcting and preventing various skin ailments.Her are some tips and directions for applying these homemade facial masks.This mask helps to moisturize the skin....
When you begin the process of applying your lipstick, make sure to apply lip liner first. Using lip liner not only defines your lip shape, but also helps keep lipstick from feathering or the color from fading. Choose a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick or a flesh shade that matches your lip tone for a more natural look. try shades of lip liner and lipstick that are close to your natural color of lips. This will block many mistakes.Lip liners should coordinate with your lipstick color. Try to buy them together when possible.It is easier to apply lip liner when the tip of the pencil is not too sharp. You can dull it slightly by running it across a tissue.Applying lip liner can be difficult. Start at the center of your upper lip, draw a line to each outer corner, following the edge of your natural lip line....
If you want healthy hair that shines with all its strength then read on....These steps are simple and natural tips for healthy hair.No matter if your hair is worn long, short or somewhere in between, healthy hair is always in fashion.There are few tips to get healthy hair.

Choose the Right shampoo & conditioner: Before you can go about choosing shampoo or conditioner for your hair, you need to find out what type of hair you have. Your hair may be oily or dry...choose shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type...

Many women and girls like to apply mehndi designs on foot along with the hands too. The designs and the way of applying mehndi on foot is very different that that of hands. The mehndi is gently designed over the upper side of the food. The women who designs mehndi over her.  latest Mehndi designs for footis very likeable by the girls. Mostly these designs are adopted on the New year Party, Wellcomed party, Eid, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding and other religious festivals. The mehndi pasted on the foot is becoming the latest fashion because as earlier the women are not pastedthe mehndi designs on foot. Some old and ancesstors women are only placed the mehndi. Those women are not pasted the designs like on the hands.Basically this trends come from the saudi arabia and this trend make the success in western countries also. The western Countries are also loved to applying the mehndi designs on their body parts.Mehndi was a culture, but in today’s fashion world, Mehndi is becoming an art. Mehndi henna art on the quality of the artists showing their work is excellent. But here, we share some henna Oasis, where his designs represent great artists of Indian Mehndi Designs, Arabic Mehndi Latest Design, Fashion and Bridal henna body art of Mehndi .In  some form of Mehndi  work is excellent. Let’s take a look at her Mehndi designs amazing. Indian Mehndi Designs are available in the markets. You can choose the various but classical designs from the various sites as well. foot should not walk until the mehndi dries in order to prevent the design from getting spoiled.

This mask heats up on contact with water, steaming your face.Pale blue clay of the Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask is to remove impurities and excess sebum in order to unclog pores and refine skin texture. Face will be deep-cleansed, looks shine-free and feels purified for up to 7 days, according to Garnier. To use, leaves for 3 minutes on cleansed face, then rinse off.
It’s a bright yellow mask that has a citrus smell which promises to whiten and brighten skin. As you probably already known lemon and such does successfully lighten freckles and the likes so I imagine this contains a healthy dose of citrus to offer that “lightening”To use it, you simply apply a layer of the product all over your face. It’s sticky and pretty rich feeling but it dries down quick enough and tightens up as it does so. I leave it on for 15 minutes and after simply peel it off.

This mask is a great source of hydration to quench and protect dry and very dry skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable.Garnier Total Comfort Rich Mask This rich, nourishing face mask is designed to 'cocoon' your skin and help combat the drying effects of external aggressions. It intensively moisturises skin for 24 hours in only 10 minutes, enriched with sheer butter to nourish your skin instantly. The special formula includes 100% pure Acacia Honey extract. 
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Considered as the base, it is applied on our face to even out our skin tone and give it a smooth, velvety feel,There are a huge variety of makeup foundations available in various tints, shades, coverage and compositions, All makeup foundations lie within 3 main categories,Liquid foundation, Cream foundation and powder foundation. The other varieties are just variants of these 3 basic types.
Loose mineral powder makeup has become all the rage in the cosmetics world, and with good reason. The makeup is better for your skin, and its crystalline composition makes it reflect light, giving you a more natural glow.

Compact and perform much like any pressed powder. They are appropriate for those with oily or combination skin, since pressed powder foundations control the excess shine and provide a good coverage. They are easy to apply and blend on easily without clogging the pores.

The thick, creamy texture of this stick foundation makes the complexion perfectly even and camouflages small imperfections, Smooth and with an excellent coverage, it is recommended for dry and problem skins,Stick foundations are very easy to apply and very comfortable.

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